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RWBY OC Biography 4
Name: Walter Braun
Nickname: "Bahr"
Age: 19
Place of birth: Atlas
Academy: Beacon
Species: Human
Height: 6'10"
Color: Brown-nose/Kobicha
Weapon: Eisen-Rüstung (Iron Armaments) - Cybernetic air Dust-powered arm cannons with to smaller air jets underneath the "triceps" and "forearms" - mode 1: concentrated air blasts, mode 2: powerful sonic energy blasts.
Fighting Style: Aside from using his arm cannons to blast away opponents, in hand-to-hand combat, he utilizes boxing moves, and makes pragmatic use of push kicks to throw human/Faunus opponents off.
Semblance: Endurance. With his high level of Aura, he can withstand large amounts of physical punishment.
Team: SHDW (Shadow) - member/second-in-command
Partner: Dearbhail Dearg
General Background: Walter is a military brat, with his father being a drill sergeant in the Atlesian military, who also taught him to fight and use military equipment. During a hunting trip,  Walter and his father were ambushed by Ursai, resulting in the l
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RWBY OC Biography 3
Name: Dearbhail Dearg
Age: 18
Place of birth: Vale
Academy: Beacon
Species: Human
Height: 5'9"
Color: Red-brown
Weapon: Crúba Fuilteacha (Bloody Claws) - Dual retractable two-bladed knuckle claws + hidden blades in her sneakers.
Fighting Style: She's a close range combatant, utilizing kickboxing/muay thai moves.
Semblance: Ferocity. She unleashes a barrage of slashes and stabs on an opponent.
Team: SHDW (Shadow) - Member
Partner: Walter "Bahr" Braun
General Background: Dearbhail grew up with many of her friends being Faunus. This unfortunately attracted unwanted attention from bigoted people who initially "innocently " harassed them, then made repeated attempts to beat them up, which ultimately failed due to Dearbhail and her friends always having each others' backs.
Personality: She is very much a tomboy, even preferring to wear pants with her Beacon school uniform. She can be cocky and confrontational at times, but can be easy to get along when not agitated. She holds strong bel
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RWBY OC Biography 2
Name: Haiiro Ōkami
"Age": 18
"Place of birth": N/A
Academy: Beacon
"Species": Android
Height: 6'5"
Color: Grey
Weapon: Ufuru no Ikari (Wolf's Fury) - Four-paneled Dust gauntlet + a normal protective gauntlet.
Fighting Style: He is a Mixed Martial Arts-based fighter who incorporates dust into his fighting: respectively, red dust for fire, dark blue dust for ice, yellow dust for speed enhancement (never for lightning), and violet dust for gravity/power enhancement (the latter two without the use of glyphs). He can invigorate his comrades with the yellow and violet dust, amplifying their speed and strength. He's capable of using two Dust chambers at the same time, but at the cost of draining the Dust faster.
"Semblance": Imitation. He analyzes his opponents, and can temporarily utilize their semblances. He can only use one semblance at a time.
Team: SHDW (Shadow) - Member
Partner: Sapphire Sparks
General Background: As mentioned in Sapphire's bio, Haiiro is also an android with an ar
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RWBY OC Biography 1
Name: Sapphire Sparks
"Age": 18
"Place of birth": N/A
Academy: Beacon
"Species": Android
Height: 5'7"
Color: International Klein Blue
Weapon: Trilliant - Multiform Dust-"laser" gun - Form 1: Pistol mode. Form 2: Double-barrel mode. Form 3: Sniper mode. Settings: Sting (celeste blue beams), stun (eton blue beams) and lethal (IKB [International Klein Blue] beams).
Fighting Style: She usually keeps her distance when using Trilliant, but isn't just a gun-centric fighter, being just as capable with her fists and feet. In sparring matches, she sets her gun to sting. Against human and Faunus opponents, she sets her gun to stun. Against Grimm, she sets it to lethal.
"Semblance": Precision. She possesses some improbable aiming skills, being able to hit any target accurately at even the most extreme ranges. This can also help identify where a target is.
Team: SHDW (Shadow) - Leader
Partner: Haiiro Ōkami
Other team members: Dearbhail Dearg, Walter "Bahr" Braun
General Background: Sapphire, l
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Team SHDW fanfic sample
One of the many wonders located in Beacon Academy grounds was its great library, filled to the brim with a plethora of books; mostly on history, fighting techniques and battle strategies. Among the various students entering the library are teams RWBY and JNPR, with each team’s respective leader gazing in awe at the vastness of the building.
“Wow, there are some many books!” Ruby practically squealed. “I wonder what different kinds of genres are here?”
“Don’t be distracted with those fairy tales you enjoy. We are training to become Huntresses, and we need all the knowledge we can get.” Weiss told her teammate.
“Oh come on, Weiss. Everyone needs something for their down time.” Yang told the heiress, who just gave the older sister a deadpan stare. “Here, let’s try to find something you might like.” Yang said, taking Weiss by the hand and bringing her along to a random book aisle, leaving Ruby, Blake, and JNPR.
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OC concept 1
Series: Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Original character idea: Clone Commando (Republic Commando) Squad
Name: Sigma Squad
Leader: RC-1313|Nickname:Snake|Rank:Lieutenant|Color: Purple
Slicer (Hacker): RC-0343|Nickname:Mantis|Rank: Sergeant Major| Color: Blue
Sniper: RC-0117|Nickname: Ocelot|Rank:Sergeant|Color: Brown
Demolition Expert: RC-1337|Nickname:Raven|Rank: Sergeant|Color: Grey
Voice: Dee Bradley Baker (All)
*”Color” refers to armor highlights to differentiate one Commando from another, not the color of the entire armor.
*Sigma would eventually receive Order 66. While Mantis, Ocelot, and Raven were willing to follow through, they still wait for Snake to give them the go-ahead. Instead, he convinces his team to not kill their Jedi commanding officers, citing that they have not done any misdeeds, and that they cared for the lives of their Clone Troopers. In the end, Sigma helps their Jedi commanding officers escape.
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Team SHDW 2 by SMAW0 Team SHDW 2 :iconsmaw0:SMAW0 3 0 Team SHDW 1 by SMAW0 Team SHDW 1 :iconsmaw0:SMAW0 5 0 Sitting down at Heckscher 2 by SMAW0 Sitting down at Heckscher 2 :iconsmaw0:SMAW0 1 0 Sitting down at Heckscher by SMAW0 Sitting down at Heckscher :iconsmaw0:SMAW0 3 0 Walking in Montreal by SMAW0 Walking in Montreal :iconsmaw0:SMAW0 2 0 Anonymous beauty in Montreal 2 by SMAW0 Anonymous beauty in Montreal 2 :iconsmaw0:SMAW0 1 0 Anonymous beauty in Montreal by SMAW0 Anonymous beauty in Montreal :iconsmaw0:SMAW0 1 0


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The main reason why I'm not posting new artwork is because I feel unsatisfied(?) with using my camera for uploading my drawings. It comes with obvious drawbacks (hands shaking, having to use separate lightning, and picture quality), which discourages me from uploading. That doesn't mean I've stopped drawing, however, and I am eyeing a scanner for artwork use, using this blog post as a reference […. Maybe get for Christmas, but who knows if I'll get anything in, since I'm headed to college the coming fall. Either way, hope for the best.


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